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Pruitt Rotating Control Devices

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Pruitt is a third generation family-owned company. We have been a provider of equipment for the oil and gas industry since 1953. With service centers located across the United States, we provide prompt, efficient service whether operating in one of the many prominent shale plays or drilling discovery wells.


The Pruitt Rotating Control Device has been the foundation and focus of our success for over four decades. The Pruitt Rotating Control Device (PRCD) is used to ensure a sealed barrier for fluid containment and pressure management. The RCD is a safe and efficient barrier that seals and diverts wellbore fluids and hazards, protecting rig personnel and the environment. The Rotating Control Device can be used in a variety of applications including MPD/UBD, conventional, HPHT, offshore, and geothermal drilling operations. We are committed to providing the highest quality tested RCD to meet your conventional and unconventional drilling needs.


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With the stroke of a pen, President Barack Obama on Friday ended 40 years of U.S. crude oil export limits by signing off on a repeal passed by Congress earlier...

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Feds: U.S. oil growth biggest since 1900, but cooldown coming

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Rotating Control Devices

Rotating Control Device (RCD): PRCD-3000

The primary use of the Pruitt Rotating Control Device 3000 (PRCD 3000)  is to serve as a key component during Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Under Balanced Drilling (UBD) operations. The...

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Rotating Control Device (RCD): PRCD 500 …

The Pruitt Rotating Control Devices 500 Seriesis based on the time tested, patented design that has been the cornerstone of Pruitt’s success in the drilling industry. The 500 Series Bowls...

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Rotating Control Device (RCD): PRCD 1509

The Pruitt Rotating Control Device 1509 (PRCD1509) is a variation of the PRCD 2000 passive Rotating Control Device (RCD) which gives the operator several advantages during Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and...

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