MPD Operator

 Parker Solutions, in partnership with Pruitt Tool & Supply, Co., is currently seeking candidates for MPD Operator positions.  These Operators will have the responsibility to control the well’s annular pressure profile.


We are seeking individuals to work on rig sites and operate equipment including RCD’s, MPD choke manifolds, and actuated and manual isolation valves.  Candidates will be expected to reach IWCF Well Control Level 3 and develop the ability to use Hydraulics Modeling software to run scenarios to establish the MPD well operating envelope (Tuition assistance available)


Qualified individuals will have a mechanical aptitude; an understanding of pneumatic and/or electrical systems; and operational experience with RCD’s.  A willingness to travel and work 12 hour shifts for up to 4 – 5 weeks at a time on a rotational basis is a job requirement.  Position also requires excellent computer skills; strong organizational skills; ability to prepare technical reports for clients; and strong mathematical abilities. 


Tasks for this position will include installing, testing, operating and maintaining MPD equipment and mobilizing and demobilizing the MPD packages as required.  A key component of this job is maintaining accurate records of the equipment including usage history, maintenance performed, job parameters, updating certification, etc.


Successful candidates for this position will have strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work as part of a team; excellent communication abilities; and an aptitude for troubleshooting problems using logic and critical thinking skills.


Candidate selected must be able to pass drug test


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