MPD Lite™ Compact Manifold

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

The MPD Lite™ Compact Manifold is significantly smaller and lighter than conventional MPD choke manifolds.


It can be positioned closer to the rig’s BOP, which reduces the overall length of high-pressure piping and improves safety by reducing the high-pressure envelope during the drilling process.


All equipment is designed for ease of use, field inspection and repair, minimizing downtime. Optimal uses advanced, real-time diagnostic systems routinely utilized in the downstream side of the petroleum industry to give real-time valve, choke and flow conditions.

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MPD Lite™ Compact Manifold

  • Lightweight, Highly Mobile Modular Design
  • Dual Redundant 4” Nominal Bore Chokes, Self-Cleaning
  • Dual Redundant Power Supply Able To Run System Independent of Rig Power
  • Independent Pneumatic Control Available in the Event of a Total Power Failure
  • Operator-Friendly Interface For Use With Reduced Manpower Crews
  • Advanced Real-Time Equipment Diagnostics Monitoring
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Features (Continued)

MPD Lite™ Compact Manifold

  • Configured To Suit The Requirements Of Both MPD / UBD Operations
  • Incorporates 4 X Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Transducers
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (Scada) / PC Control Isolation Valves & Chokes
  • Back-Up Independent Pneumatic Remote Operated Control System
  • Advanced Valve & Choke Diagnostics Monitoring (Real-Time Asset Management)
  • Removable Frame & Full Opening Panels Give Access And Protection
  • Auto Track Pressure Relief Valve
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Technical Specifications

MPD Lite™ Compact Manifold

  • Design Working Pressure 3000 PSI [207 BAR]
  • NACE MR-0175 Sour Service Compliant
  • Dimensions: L-9.8 ft [3.0 m] X W-6.4 ft [1.9 m] X H-6.6 ft [2.0 m], Weight-9259 lb [4200 kg]
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