Optimal MPD Control System

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

The Optimal team can operate the Optimal Pressure Control SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) / PC system from our own supplied control room (shown). The team can also operate the system from the client-supplied office, portable office or mobile A60 unit. If required, we utilize a wifi-connected ATEX laptop to control the system from the rig floor, allowing for face-to-face communication with the driller.


Optimal benefits from EMERSON global product support and is working exclusively with EMERSON Process Management to develop a compact, fully automated SCADA MPD control system.

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OPC Human Machine Interface

Optimal MPD Control System

The OPC HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an intuitive console for the MPD Operators to interface, operate and control the MPD system.

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Auto Track Pressure Relief Valve

Optimal MPD Control System


In auto mode, the Relief valve is adjusted to a setpoint value greater than the Duty setpoint which allows it to open if the duty valve cannot manage it alone. The difference between the two pressure setpoints is indicated by the Relief Setpoint percentage value displayed on the HMI (shown).



Both pressure setpoints, as well as the relief percentage value applied, are then displayed on the HMI (shown as follows).

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OPC Self-Tuning PID Controller

Optimal MPD Control System

The accuracy of the Self-Tuner function is based on decades of research in the area of automation control. It far exceeds the capability of an MPD operator to tune the equipment while on the job.


The controller completely removes the need for an MPD operator to calibrate (tune) the choke response. Auto-tuning takes 1-2 minutes per flow rate and is completed in the cased hole before drilling-out on 3-4 separate flow rates.

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