Optimal MPD Mud Gas Separator

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

The Optimal Pressure Control Drill-Through Mud Gas Separator (MGS) has been designed from the outset to be used as a high-capacity atmospheric drill through MGS.


The MGS can also be configured for use as a pressurized 3-phase separator with the capability to handle solids discharge for UBD or 2-phase MPD operations. The vessel is equipped with nozzles (flanges) to facilitate installation of two 4” x 6” pressure relief valves, back-light sight glasses, level-control instrumentation, low and high level shut downs, flush pump system, and condensate skimming line.

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Optimal MPD Mud Gas Separator

  • Designed To Be Used As Either An Atmospheric Drill Through MGS or as a Pressurized Vessel Suitable For UBD or 2-Phase MPD Operations
  • Vessel Incorporates All Necessary Flanges To Switch To Pressurized Operations
  • Incorporates Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Transducers
  • SCADA Control & Monitoring
  • Four-Part Assembly For Ease of Transportation
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Technical Specifications

Optimal MPD Mud Gas Separator

  • Design Working Pressure 185 PSI [12.8 BAR]
  • ASME VIII, Zone 1
  • Maximum Wind Speed Loading Of 120 MPH [193 km/h]
  • Dimensions: Vessel Transport, L-21 ft [6.4 m] X W-7.5 ft [2.3 m] X H-7.5 ft [2.3 m], Weight - 16000 lb [7257 kg] (Dry)
  • Dimensions: Support Transport, L-16.5 ft [5.0 m] X W-7.5 ft [2.3 m] X H-7.5ft [2.3 m], Weight - 8500 lb [3855 kg]
  • Dimensions: In Use, H-37.5 ft [11.4 m] X W-7.5 ft [2.3 m] X L-7.5 ft [2.3 m], Weight - 24500 lb [11113 kg]
  • 12” 150 PSI Inlet and Gas Outlet
  • 22 ft [6.7 m] Liquid U Seal For Atmospheric Operations
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