Optimal MPD / UBD 12” Vent / Flare Stack

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

The vent stack is equipped with a large bore flame arrestor fitted with temperature transducers to be employed when the vent stack is used as an atmospheric vent with a drill thru MGS.


In the event that a combustible mixture is present in an atmospheric gas line, the flame arrestor will prevent the flame from reaching the atmospheric MGS and causing an internal explosion. The temperature sensors send an alarm to the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) operator via the MPD SCADA control systems, and the flame can then be extinguished with a nitrogen purge of the flame arrestor.

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Technical Specifications & Features

Optimal MPD / UBD 12” Vent / Flare Stack

  • Design Working Pressure 285 PSI [19.7 BAR]
  • Dimensions: L - 20 ft [6.1 m] X W - 8 ft [2.4 m] X H-9 ft [2.7 m], Weight - 14330 lb [6500 kg]
  • 12” NB Vent Height Adjustable
  • Incorporates Monitored Flame Arrestor When Used As Atmospheric MGS or Bypassed When Used With Pressure Vessel
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