Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

Designing Innovative MPD Equipment

Optimal was created by a dynamic team with extensive experience in Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Under Balanced Drilling (UBD) operations, planning, equipment design, and control system engineering.


The Optimal Team has developed the optimal MPD solution: MPD Lite™ – a lightweight, fully automated, modular, and cost-efficient MPD system.

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Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

OPC was established in 2013 and is working with the support of our partner company.


Pruitt was established in 1958 and has been a manufacturer of Rotating Control Devices (RCDs) since 1968. The management team of OPC has worked internationally (North Sea, Middle East, North America & South East Asia) for both operating companies and service companies. We have access to extremely competent MPD personnel whom have been trained to use the OPC MPD system.

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Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

The rate at which MPD equipment has been implemented into the oil and gas industry has been significantly affected by its perceived high cost. Cost reduction was OPC's focus during the development of the MPD equipment since its developers have worked for major service and operating companies as end users of MPD equipment.

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Size / Weight

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

The size and weight of typical MPD equipment systems is an issue, especially for offshore rigs, resulting in MPD equipment having to be located a significant distance away from the BOP area. By developing equipment that consumes approximately one-half the footprint and two-thirds less of the rig's weight capacity compared to typical MPD systems, the rig-up location and routing can be optimized.

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Functionality / Capability

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

The MPD system of OPC incorporates additional functionality and capabilities that result from the needs of the HAZOP and design review process of typical MPD systems in the market. An example of this functionality is as follows: The Customized Pressure Control Valve (PCV) that OPC employs has a greater CV range than standard drilling chokes which means that one of our PCVs can do the job of multiple drilling chokes.

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3-2 Pressure Transducer Voting Policy

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

The MPD manifold from OPC uses 3 independent pressure transducers (PTs) to ensure the correct data for Surface Back Pressure (SBP) is applied to the well bore. The control system verifies that all PTs are giving the same reading and will only use verified data to control SBP.

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Redundancy & Durability

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

The OPC MPD system incorporates back up systems that allow the system to run independently from the rig. To control system failure, the OPC MPD system incorporates dual redundancy on all critical services, giving 100% backup to failure modes.


The OPC Custom Pressure Control Valve is extremely durable and is designed for dirty service pressure control.

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Technical Standards

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

OPC equipment has been built in the UK and is compliant with both European and USA industry technical standards. All equipment has full data books which have been subjected to 3rd party review and issued with Certificate of Conformity from Bureau Veritas.

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PSI Rating

Pruitt Optimal MPD Services

Because OPC equipment will be implemented in coordination with the PRCD-3000 from Pruitt, which has a dual sealing element and a static pressure rating of 3000 PSI, the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) for the OPC system is 3000 PSI. When considering the operating matrix of MPD system requirements, the required operating pressure will always be lower than 3000 PSI; therefore the rating of the OPC MPD manifold is more than sufficient for typical MPD operations.

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