PRCD 3016

PRCD 3016

Rotating Control Device (RCD)

The PRCD 3016 is a key component during Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Under Balanced Drilling (UBD) operations.

The PRCD 3016 forms a passive (wellbore assisted) seal on the drill string and provides the ability to contain pressure within the wellbore while performing normal drilling operations. With a static pressure rating of 3000 PSI and an aggressive dynamic rating, the PRCD 3016 provides the necessary range required for MPD/UBD operations employed in the drilling of today's unconventional wells.


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PRCD 3016

The PRCD 3016 comes equipped with the Pruitt Automated Power Unit and Clamp Operating Stand. The Automated Power Unit is designed as a positive pressure system that ensures all fluids and contaminants remain within the wellbore. Lubrication is also provided to prolong seal life and provides temperature control for the internal components of the RCD.


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