Pruitt is committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) solutions available.


Drilling is tough enough.

Figuring out how MPD fits in shouldn’t make things tougher.

At Pruitt, we understand how challenging adopting new ways of doing things can be. With success riding on the decisions you make, the stakes are high. Staying on budget. Drilling great wells. Keeping your people safe. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way –– delivering the expertise you need to confidently enjoy the competitive edge MPD can offer. From free initial hydraulics modeling to serving onsite through final casing, we make MPD easy.

How we make itEASIEREFFICIENTSAFERFASTERfrom the beginning.

Engineering & Training

Our in-house engineering team works with you to understand, design, and model a detailed MPD solution tailored to your project.


Mobilization & Demobilization

We make your drilling rig MPD-ready within a day and off the critical path rig time – then get out of your way, fast.


Hands-On MPD Expertise

Our MPD team implements your solution, delivering unrivaled pressure control to help you drill faster, safer.

What our clients are saying…

Pruitt Managed Pressure Drilling

A technology-driven solution that helps you drill faster, safer, and protect your bottom line.


How to get started


Request a free technical assessment.


We work with you to design and deploy a custom MPD plan.


Drill faster, safer and with greater confidence.

Time critical deployment is available.