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Pruitt MPD Advantages

Drill faster, safer, and protect your bottom line

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is a closed-loop drilling process that helps Operators drill faster and safer in narrow pore-pressure, fracture gradient windows. With its ability to precisely apply surface backpressure, MPD delivers enhanced kick detection and greater wellbore stability –– all while allowing operators to drill at a reduced mud weight.

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Key Advantages

Pruitt MPD Advantages

  • Reduced size and intensity of kicks and influxes
  • Lower mud weight requirement, greatly reducing associated costs
  • Fewer well-control risks and safer drill sites
  • Greater wellbore stability
  • Higher ROP/quicker drills
  • Enhanced well production potential
  • Minimized pressure variations for reduced wellbore ballooning
  • Reduced NPT
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Key Problems MPD Helps Solve

Pruitt MPD Advantages

  • Narrow drilling window
  • Losses to the formation
  • Fluid migration issues
  • Kick-loss cycles
  • Stuck pipe
  • Tripping challenges
  • Torque and drag issues
  • Surge and swab cycles
  • Hole cleaning challenges
  • Saltwater injection issues

When compared to conventional overbalanced drilling, MPD can allow faster corrective action to deal with observed pressure variations. The ability to dynamically control annular pressures facilitates drilling of what might otherwise be technically unattainable prospects.

Pruitt MPD – Select Case Studies

‘Casing while Drilling’ with ‘CBHP MPD’

Extreme fracturing and faulting in the formation resulted in several failed attempts to reach TD forcing two different operators to wait for more than a decade to drill in these formations.

Solving Severe Fluid Losses with MPD

Drilling through highly fractured and faulted formations or formations with lower leak-off / fracture gradient minimizing losses and without inducing any kicks.

Modular MPD Provides Flexibility On-Site

Changing formations and unknown regional geology leads to cautions MPD planning.

Certified Quality System
Certified Quality System


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