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Why Pruitt MPD

Drill faster, safer, and protect your bottom line

Having drilled many wells using MPD in basins across the country, Pruitt delivers the experience and know-how you need to implement MPD with confidence.

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24/7 MPD Engineering Support

Why Pruitt MPD

  • MPD/UBD Operations Feasibility Analysis
  • Hydraulic Analysis & MPD/UBO Control Parameters
  • MPD/UBD Drilling Program Design
  • Tripping Schedules
  • MPD Casing Design
  • Emergency Support & Trouble-Shooting

Led by our resident PhDs in Petroleum Engineering, our dedicated in-house engineering team begins each project with a detailed technical assessment to determine how we can bring value to your drilling operation. Then, we work with your engineering team to design and deploy a customized MPD solution that helps you drill faster, drill safer, and hit your budgets.

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Space-Efficient, Modular Equipment

Why Pruitt MPD

  • Standardized/modular system for streamlined mobilization/demobilization – we can make any land rig MPD-ready within a day
  • Pruitt’s advanced control algorithm and hardware delivers unrivaled pressure control
  • MPD equipment is flow-loop tested prior to shipment
  • Equipment has full traceability/design reviews to industry specifications
  • Dedicated, OEM-trained MPD maintenance technicians and OEM RCD support
  • ISO 9001, API 16RCD, APIQ1

Pruitt’s innovative MPD system is lightweight and space-efficient. Our equipment consumes approximately one-half the footprint and two-thirds less of a rig’s weight capacity compared to typical MPD systems, which means the rig-up location and routing can be optimized.

In addition, our equipment is modular so that we can easily size and configure an MPD package to meet your specific needs.

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Onsite MPD Expertise

Why Pruitt MPD

  • WCF or IADC Well Control Level-4 certified MPD Supervisors
  • Supervisors have a minimum of 2 years MPD operational experience; most have 5+ years
  • All personnel are enrolled in a Safety Skills competency program
  • We conduct continual MPD training

With Pruitt, you and your crew never have to go it alone. Once we rig up, our IWCF/IADC Level 4 Certified MPD Supervisors are onsite monitoring pressure down to the second. We can add pressure as needed to circulate out dangerous influxes to help make sure your operations run smoothly. In addition, each of our MPD Supervisors is trained in hydraulics modeling, bringing a deeper understanding of the process to deliver unrivaled pressure control.

Certified Quality System
Certified Quality System


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We provide superior pressure management to the global energy market through innovative products and services.

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