Problems maintaining wellbore stability while drilling?

The challenge, especially in North American land drilling business units, is for operators to have engineers or subject matter experts who know and understand how to best manage drilling-related problems such as wellbore stability while drilling, narrow drilling windows, and other drilling-related issues.


What is wellbore stability?

Wellbore stability is the process of managing the balance between uncontrollable factors such as formation rock strength, pore pressure, and related borehole environmental factors with controllable factors such as mud weight and chemical composition, fluid pressure, and drilling angle.

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) has experienced a growing acceptance in the drilling industry as a means by which to mitigate certain wellbore drilling-related problems.


What is Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)?

Managed Pressure Drilling is an adaptive drilling process designed to more precisely control the annular pressure throughout the wellbore.

When faced with these drilling-related issues, successful results require a service-oriented MPD well engineering approach along with dependable equipment and good ­field personnel. Benefi­ts of MPD include enhanced primary well control, mitigating ballooning events, increased ROP, reducing drilling mud costs, mitigating differential sticking events, and better-cementing operations in loss zones.

Pruitt MPD Services’ business model is to provide a strong client-focused well engineering team, highly competent and trained MPD personnel, industry-leading equipment, cradle to grave asset management, and a robust maintenance inspection plan.

In the past two years, Pruitt MPD Services has executed MPD operations on nearly one hundred wells in the USA and Canada with a 96% average Client Satisfaction Rating. To solve your wellbore instability issues, contact Pruitt today!

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