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MPD Cementing

Cementing Solution for Problem Formations

'Managed Pressure Cementing' or 'MPC' is a cementing solution for narrow and ultra narrow pressure windows that cannot be cemented using conventional methods. MPC is a variation of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) technology and works on the same principles as MPD.


Cementing pipe in formations that have narrow/ultra narrow pressure windows and challenges such as (a) severe loss of circulation, (b) low formation leak-off, (c) low formation strength, (d) highly faulted and fractured formations, (e) high pressure fluid flows, (f) formation stability issues, etc.


Perform MPC by using Constant Bottomhole Pressure (CBHP) MPD principles to minimize losses and avoid formation fluid gains, and to place cement at desired depth(s).


Pruitt Optimal has successfully planned and executed MPC on multiple projects (10+) in USA to cement pipe using static and dynamic Surface Backpressure.


  • An operator in US cemented several wells on a multi well pad using MPC on their production openhole section. MPD was used for drilling the openhole on both intermediate and production sections on 8 wells, while MPC was used on 5 of these wells (≤ 0.5 ppge pressure window).
  • Another operator in US had multiple wells with a very high permeability and communication across multiple formation layers in the production hole. The objective was to stay within a 0.5 ppge window while cementing entire production hole section using multiple density cementing fluids.

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