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  • Create Date May 31, 2024
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MPD Solution: PRCD 1509 Casing Tripping

Pruitt PRCD 1509 tripped over 20,450 ft of 5 ½ inch TENARIS BLUE casing with surface mud temperature and pressure averaging 130° F and 630 psi on a single RCD element. Evidence on raising industry standards for performance.

Equipment Details

The PRCD 1509 is a single or dual element, drill through bearing assembly with a static pressure rating of 1500 PSI. This model has been designed with a 9-1/32 inch drill through bore to allow for large drill pipe as well as smaller casing and other drill string components.

The PRCD 1509 comes equipped with a recirculating hydraulic power unit and clamp operating stand. The recirculating power unit is designed to circulate, cool, and filter the lubricating oil used in the closed-loop lubrication system. This added feature ensures longer life and durability of the bearing assembly.

Operational Success

Pruitt MPD Services recently completed an HPHT MPD drilling operation for a valued client. After drilling was completed, a total of 20,471ft of 5 ½” TENARIS BLUE casing was tripped in the hole using only one RCD element. This was achieved using the PRCD 1509 with its 9-1/32 inch pass through bearing bore.

While running the casing, surface back pressure averaged 630psi with pressures up to 710psi in OBM with surface temperatures of 130° F.

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