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Unsticking Differentially Stuck Pipe

An operator in Canada utilized Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) to successfully unstick differentially stuck pipe. A constant bottom hole pressure (CBHP) MPD solution was designed and executed by optimizing the static and dynamic surface backpressures. MPD provided enough flexibility for the operator to safely reduce the wellbore pressure below pore-pressure and decrease the differential pressure to free the pipe.


Design, plan, and execute CBHP MPD to lower differential pressure and work pipe to free it.


Successfully released pipe by reducing the wellbore pressure below the pore-pressure to reduce the differential pressure and pulling on the pipe. The influx volume was limited to less than the maximum allowable limit, and was circulated out with MPD.


  • Drillpipe stuck differentially and the pore pressure gradient was very close to the mud density used.
  • Using CBHP MPD and applying 5500 kPa surface backpressure, 36m3 of .90 SG base oil was placed in the annulus which diluted to 1.37 SG equivalent BHP. Base oil was displaced by 1.67 SG mud.
  • When the rig was ready to work pipe, backpressure was released and the pipe was pulled four times, then torqued and pulled twice again to get it free. A total of 2.2 m3 was introduced into the annulus in 18 minutes of operation.
  • The 5500 kPa backpressure was re-applied while the influx was circulated out using MPD equipment.

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