Pruitt UltraLite™ MPD is a highly-capable automated choke system that delivers the same benefits of Pruitt’s flagship MPD services in a compact, lighter footprint. It offers a lower cost MPD entry point for the unconventional drilling market.

UltraLite™ incorporates 4” ASME B31.3 / NACE MR-01-75 3,000psi certified pipework, an API 16-C 3” 5,000psi drilling choke with hard wearing Tungsten Carbide internals and enhanced operation CV (Choke Orifice) performance curve, coupled with the latest in extremely accurate and zero field maintenance electric servo actuator. Each unit has two sealed diaphragm Pressure Transducers for data validation. The system is remoteoperated from a Zone-2 Hazardous Area Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen. The system can be supplied with Standpipe Pressure Transducer and pump stroke counters for automated pressure control versus pump rates for CBHP (constant bottom hole pressure) control.

The system can also communicate with a high-pressure coriolis meter for enhanced influx detection and alarm. The coriolis meter skid is equipped with an MPD strainer to prevent large well debris from causing damage to the coriolis meter or plugging the choke. This strainer is equipped with a differential pressure sensor that alerts an MPD operator at the HMI when the strainer may need cleaning.

UltraLite™ Choke Manifold

Same field-proven choke & actuator as Pruitt MPD Modular Lite ™ Detachable control system supplied with extension cables Custom pressure control algorithms eliminate PID tuning Small footprint – 7ft X 3.5ft X 6.5ft


  • MAWP 5,000psi (Upstream)
  • Design Temp -40 to 180 Deg F
  • API-16C 3” Drilling Chokes with Electric Servo Actuators
  • API-6A Flow Block
  • Integral Diaphragm Protected Pressure Transducers
  • USA Class 1 / Div II Electrical System
  • NACE MR01-75 Compliant (Sour Service)
  • ASME B31.3 Piping, Off-skid
  • Weight 4,500lbs / 2,050kgs

UltraLite™ Integrated High-Pressure Coriolis Meter & MPD Strainer

Working Pressure 3,000psi

Upstream of choke placement means less susceptible to gas break out

Meter will remain active longer than downstream coriolis meters

MPD strainer (easy clean) is designed to protect high-pressure coriolis meters. MPD strainer screen has enough space to complete most jobs and is real-time monitored by differential pressure transmitter.


    • MAWP 3,000psi
    • Design Temp -40 to 180 Deg F
    • USA Class 1 / Div II Electrical System
    • NACE MR01-75 Compliant (Sour Service)
    • ASME B31.3 Piping
    • Dimensions L 7ft, W 3.5ft, H 4.5ft
    • Weight 1,980lbs / 900kgs


The Next Step in MPD

UltraLite™ Operator Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The HMI is a 15” USA Class 1 / Div II touch screen that can be located on the rig floor. This screen gives the designated operator (driller or designate) the ability to control the choke in 3 modes.


MANUAL = Control of choke position only


AUTO = Controls to a requested pressure set point

The Next Step in MPD


AUTO + RAMP = In Auto + Ramp, the choke will control pressure based on data points entered into a Ramp Table:

Ramp on Pump Rate = Choke will hold pressure against a pressure point vs a corresponding pump rate. This will allow the driller to simply slow his pumps and the MPD choke will automatically apply pressure.

Ramp on Strokes = Choke will automatically apply pressure based on the number of accumulated pump strokes. This will allow for automated displacement of different density fluids or cementing operations.

The Next Step in MPD


The HMI control panel also allows the driller to monitor well and system parameters related to MPD operations.


  • Annular Pressure via 2 Pressure transducers
  • Standpipe Pressure
  • Flow in via Pump strokes
  • Choke position requested and actual

With optional meter:

  • Real-time flow out
  • Real-time density of drilling mud
  • Delta flow enhanced kick detection
  • Drilling mud flowline temperature

UltraLite™ RCD Components


  • 3,000psi
  • Full 6” bore
  • Hydraulic actuator with full differential opening

4 1/16” HCR VALVE

  • 5,000psi
  • Hydraulic actuator with full differential opening


  • Set to working pressure to protect RCD
  • Auto Reset
  • API RP-92M

Working best under pressure.

Managed Pressure Drilling & RCD Solutions

Pruitt Ultralight MPD

Managed Pressure Drilling & RCD Solutions

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Working best under pressure.

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Certified Quality System


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