Optimal MPD Combined Control Room

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

The Optimal Pressure Control combined Control Room / Workshop is a self-contained operating base for Managed Pressure Drilling Operations.


The container is CSC and DNV 2-71 compliant.


Shown: 3D Model of the OPC Room / Workshop
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The Control Room

Optimal MPD Combined Control Room

The control room houses the portable ruggedized SCADA / PLC server rack and the MPD operator’s dual wall mounted monitors / work station. The control room also houses a large Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) capable of maintaining system functionality in the event of electrical supply failure.
Space is provided for 2 work stations.


From here, the operator can run the MPD choke system via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) for full automated control and also to automate set point pressure control via a backup pneumatic control panel in the unlikely event of the SCADA system failure. The second screen gives the MPD Operator trend data of all required operational parameters.


Overhead storage contains full manufacturer's hard copies of equipment manuals and maintenance instructions. The room is equipped with full air conditioning.

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The Workshop

Optimal MPD Combined Control Room

The workshop section of the container houses a self contained air compressor and air drier package to give quality air supply for the pneumatic systems.


Storage racks contain a full set of manufacturer's recommended spares. Full tool box and all operations consumables are carried and maintained.

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Technical Specifications

Optimal MPD Combined Control Room

  • Weight (DRY): 13,000 KGS / 28,660lbs
  • Dimensions: L X 6m (20ft) W 2.4m (7ft 10”) X H 2.7 (8ft 10”)
  • Design Codes
      • DNV 2-7-1: Offshore Containers
      • CSC Certified: Certified for Use on Container Ships
      • Electrical: Safe / Area
  • Certification
      • DNV: X
  • Safety Devices
  • Electrical Earth: Grounding Devices
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