Optimal MPD 4" Coriolis Meter

Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

Optimal MPD Lite™ 4” Coriolis Meter with Bypass (Emerson Micro Motion)


All of our Managed Pressure Drilling equipment is designed for ease of use and field inspection and repair, thereby minimizing downtime.


Optimal uses advanced real-time diagnostic systems routinely utilized in the downstream side of the petroleum industry to give real-time valve, choke and flow conditions.

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Technical Specifications & Features

Optimal MPD 4" Coriolis Meter

  • Design Working Pressure 1440 PSI [100 bar]
  • Dimensions: L-5.9 ft [1.8 m] X W-5.2 ft [1.6 m] X H-9.5 ft [2.9 m], Weight - 6217 lb [2820 kg]
  • SCADA / PC Communication Real-Time Flow & Density
  • Advanced Diagnostics Monitoring (Real-Time Asset Management)
  • Advanced Monitoring of Drilling Mud Returns Containing Entrained Gas
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