PRCD Accessories

Rotating Control Device (RCD) Add-Ons

Our RCD Accessories are engineered to perfectly accompany our legendary line of Rotating Control Devices.


These additions make our RCD equipment adaptable to virtually any drilling operation.

Flowline Isolation Valve

PRCD Accessories

The Pruitt Flowline Isolation Valve is essential during Managed Pressure Drilling, Under Balanced Drilling, or any other operation where the control of annulus returns from the wellbore is necessary.


Pruitt’s Flowline Isolation Valves are available with pneumatic or manual actuators.


Download Pruitt Flowline Isolation Valve Spec Sheet
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Pipe Wiper Box

PRCD Accessories

While tripping out of the hole, the Pruitt Pipe Wiper will contain drilling mud in the wellbore.

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Casing Stripper

PRCD Accessories

The primary function of the Casing Stripper is to contain drilling fluid, or cement, within the wellbore while setting the casing. The Casing Stripper can be exchanged with the RCD Bearing Assembly within a short amount of time.


The Casing Stripper is especially useful in containing cement or drilling fluid returning to the surface. Sizes of the Casing Stripper range from 4-1/2” to 18-5/8”.

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